Flowlyful introduction

What is Flowlyful and how can the programs help you?

The Flowlyful programms

Flowlyful offers different programs for physical and mental health. The three main programs covering fitness, relaxation and dance. Equipment from the Flow Arts are used. In the beginner levels these are Poi and staffs. The Flowlyful programs are suitable for all ages and can even be carried out with the whole family. Fun is one of the most important factors.

Flow Arts

Flow Arts is play, dance and move with various devices. In addition to poi and staff, these are also devices such as fans, hula hoops, levisticks, torches and many more. The goal of Flow Arts is to reach the flow state. This is the complete dedication to an activity (* 1). A state in which one is completely focused and attentive.


Poi is the Māori word for ball. Poi are balls or weights that are attached to a string and played on circular orbits. The origin dates back about 1000 years, and today they are established as a cultural tradition in New Zealand. In medical studies, health benefits of the Poi game have already been reviewed (*2). Poi are suitable for children and adults alike and playing with them promotes dexterity, concentration and agility.

Poi are available in many designs. Sockpoi are the simplest variant in which balls are incorporated in a long piece of fabric. Contact-Poi are Balls connected to a string. Different handles allow many varieties. In addition, Poi can be easily self-built.


Most might have played with sticks in their childhood. There is also a long tradition in the martial arts. But they are also very good for fitness training, for relaxation or for dancing.

Staffs are available in many variants. These differ in length and material. Rotations and movements with bars are easy when there is a weight at the ends. The ends are ideally very soft to avoid injuries. Playing with more staffs (Double staff) is also possible.


The Flowlyful fitness program (fitness training) improves all motor skills such as stamina, strength, speed, agility and especially the coordination. Poi and staffs are combined with fitness exercises. It is thus suitable for effective and health-oriented training.


The Flowlyful relaxation program provides a new way of meditating. By incorporating Poi and rod, the flow state can be achieved. This creates a focus of the brain on a single activity which allows a calming of mind and thoughts. A good way to relax in the hectiv world.


The Flowlyful dance program includes a flowing, relaxing and dance-like practice of Flow Arts. Combined with easy-to-learn movements and dance steps, simple choreographies can improve endurance and coordination. Studies show that dancing has a positive effect on the aging process and can prevent dementia.

Sources and evidence

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