Fitness program introduction

The Flowlyful Fitness Program is a combination of strength and endurance training with Flow Arts tools. By combining Poi and staff with classic fitness exercise endurance, strength, speed, agility and coordination are trained. Flowlyful is therefore suitable for effective and health-oriented training. It is fun and allows a playful training for all ages.

Course schedule

When training at home or with a Flowlyful instructor at the gym, there is a recommended sequence of training. Each session starts with a 10-minute warm-up which prepares the body for training. The circulation will be stimulated and the muscles will getting warm. The actual training session usually lasts between 10 and 40 minutes with a changing training focus providing more variety and improves the training effect. After training, an approximately 10-minute cool-down takes place. The body slowly comes to rest and the muscles will be stretched.


All programs and their exercises are presented on the website. We recommend to do the training with a certified Flowlyful instructor which makes it even more motivating. The movements of Poi and staff are deliberately kept simpler to allow a quick start. This unique combination of coordination training and fitness training challenges the body and allows for quick success.