Staff introduction

Most might have played with sticks in their childhood. A stick from the forest is a popular pastime for many children. As more enhanced Staffs can also be used very well for fitness, relaxation and dance.

Historical about staffs

Historically, bars are found in many martial arts. Shaolin monks are known for their impressive fight training with staffs.

In the field of Flow Arts artists use the staffs for fire shows or light shows. Artists perform on stages and festivals.

Types of staffs

Stäbe unterscheiden sich in Länge, Art und Material. Klassischerweise bestehen sie aus Holz, Kunststoff oder Metall. Doppelstäbe bei denen in jeder Hand ein Stab gespielt wird sind kürzer als Kontaktstäbe. Sonderformen sind die Drachenstäbe bei denen an den Enden jeweils eine große Schwungmasse angebracht ist. Dies ermöglicht neue Spielvarianten. Ähnlich wie Poi gibt es Stäbe ebenfalls in Feuervarianten und mit bunten LEDs.

Staffs differ in length, type and material. They are made of wood, plastic or metal. Double staffs (where a stick is played in each hand) are shorter than contact staffs. There are dragon staffs where the ends consist of a spherical mass which allows new kinds of movement. Similar to Poi, there are fire staffs and LED/glow staffs.