About us

This is about the stories behind Flowlyful. If you want to know what Flowlyful is, please check the introduction.

About Sebastian

I grew up in the era of the first computer and an emerging IT industry. As soon as I reached a double digit age, the first computer appeared at home. Early on I started playing games and developed software. So, when I was young I already spent a lot of my time in front of the computer and the TV. Most of the time was spent with coke, pizza and fries. At some point my weight climbed up to 133 kg. I found it more tempting to prefer the cozy sofa and TV rather than lace up the running shoes. In addition, coke, pizza and fries made sure that the pointer of the scale moved only to the right.


But then I pulled the emergency brake and changed my life! A few months later I was already running my first cross-country races and obstacle courses. This was absolutely unthinkable before that. I started to learn more about fitness, nutrition, endurance training and coordination training. Later I joined classes for fitness professionals and personal training. As a part-time job, I was very successful in supporting customers as a personal trainer.

But life does not always go according to plan. After reaching many athletic and personal goals, I wanted to pause for some time. Weeks became months and months became years. Unnoticed, the scales climbed up again and I became lazier and lazier again. In addition, old problems came back and I felt much worse.

I eventually found out about Flow Arts. Shortly afterwards I started playing Poi, staff, double staff, fans and many other devices. In addition, I like to do ballroom/latin dancing in my free time. In Poi Workshops I was able to convince more people of this simple but extremely exciting tool. Several research papers (Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, Siegbert A. Warwitz, Dr. Kate Riegle van West) [show]](/de/introduction/flowlyful/) the positive effects of dance, poi and flow.

I want to get back to my old level of fitness while having fun. For this reason, I have developed Flowlyful. The programs are based on proven training principles from classical fitness training, meditation and various dance styles. In doing so, I provide all information and videos for anyone interested. Flowlyful is to finance itself exclusively through the award of instructor licenses and the sale of various things.

Because I know what it means to be overweight, all programs are scaled to fit all people, regardless of age and body weight (without known pre-existing conditions affecting sports ability).

Flow Arts

Sebastian runs the German Flow Arts portal. There is a lot of information about Poi, staffs, fans, levisticks and many more.

Qualifications (Germany)

  • Coordination Training (Koordinationstraining A-Lizenz - IST - 29. October 2015) and Functional Training
  • Nutritional counseling (Ernährungsberatung - S-Lizenz - IST - 10. July 2015)
  • Fitness Professional (IST Diplom - IST - 22. June 2015)
  • Personal Training (A-Lizenz - IST - 21. June 2015)
  • Endurance training (Ausdauertraining - A-Lizenz - IST - 14. June 2015)
  • Sports Nutrition (Sporternährung - B-Lizenz - IST - 10. May 2015)
  • Medical fitness training (Medizinisches Fitnesstraining - A-Lizenz - IST - 22. March 2015)
  • CrossWorkout Trainer (A-Lizenz - IST - 08. March 2015)
  • Licensed fitness trainer: Fitnesstraining (B-Lizenz - IST - 30. November 2014)